Because we all love something sweet...

Quality Food

Created for those of us who just have to indulge in a little something sweet, we present our innovative “non candy”: 100% sugar-free, gluten free and vegan.

"...and so MELLA mella Candy non Candy came to be..."


The idea for MELLA mella came to us as a result of the desperate sobs of our daughter, who can’t resist a good sweetie, and then another one and then “…“pleeeease, just one more, it will be the last... I promise” and so we decided to make our own. This way, we could be sure we were giving her something of the best quality, and that conformed to our own principles and values.


Candy non Candy

The Original Mella Mella

More than a Candy non Candy

Special Mella Mella

We have added some special ingredients that make our non-candy all the more unique!

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